Premier Asked Straightforward Question 9 Times, Won’t Rule Out Cuts to Yukon Hospital Corporation

WHITEHORSE - Today in Question Period, the Premier was asked directly to rule out budget cuts to the Yukon Hospital Corporation nine times and refused to do so.

In a leaked memo, the Deputy Minister of Finance stated that the Liberal Cabinet had directed all departments to find cuts of up to 2% to their operations and management budget.

The straightforward question that the Premier refused to answer 9 times was:

Will the Premier rule out any cuts to the Yukon Hospital Corporation’s budget? Yes or no.

“With wait times for surgeries increasing and procedures such as chemotherapy getting more expensive, the Yukon Hospital Corporation’s budget is under a lot of pressure,” stated Patti McLeod, Official Opposition Health Critic. “That’s why it is important for Yukoners to know whether the Premier will exclude the Hospital Corporation from the up to 2% cuts that the Liberal Cabinet has asked each Department to find.”

It is unfortunate, but characteristic, that the Premier chose to deflect and not answer the question. 

“We asked the Premier a clear and simple question,” added Brad Cathers, Official Opposition Finance Critic. “Unfortunately, even after nine opportunities to answer, the Premier refused to rule out cuts to the Yukon Hospital Corporation.”


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