Official Opposition Questions Government Motives Regarding Housing Board

WHITEHORSE – The Official Opposition is calling on the government for an explanation as to why it simultaneously fired five members of the Housing Corporation Board of Directors without any notice. 

Following the resignation of Chair Janet Moodie, who has taken the position of Principal Secretary to the Premier, the five remaining directors for this key Yukon Corporation were quietly cleared in one sweep from the Cabinet Office on January 23rd.

While the terms of the five former directors were set to expire in late January and early February 2017, all members are able to apply for re-appointment if given proper notice.

None were re-appointed or given proper notice. Currently there are only two appointees out of a required seven.

“It appears as if the government wanted to ensure the directors were not put up for re-appointment, without finding replacements, and we’re left with a board that cannot operate,” said Wade Istchenko, Opposition Critic for the Yukon Housing Corporation. “At a time when there are urgent housing needs, such as in Ross River, it looks like the Government is playing politics with a crucial board without consideration of the operational impacts.”

The board of directors is needed to oversee the direction of the Housing Corporation and monitor the conduct and management of its affairs. There has been no word as to when the board appointments will be filled.

“I’d like to know how they intend to keep the board running with only two members and no chair, or if they even thought of that before removing all the standing directors.” Istchenko added.


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