Official Opposition Shows Support for Green Initiatives in Yukon

WHITEHORSE – Yesterday, the Official Opposition tabled a motion in the Legislature urging the government to increase its support for electric vehicles in the territory. 

The motion, tabled by Official Opposition Environment Critic Wade Istchenko, read:

THAT this House urges the Government of Yukon to convert the Yukon government mail fleet in Whitehorse to electric vehicles; and install electric vehicle charging stations in Whitehorse.

“With regards to the conversion of the mail fleet, this is just one way for the government to do its part in reducing emissions in Yukon,” said Istchenko. “Due to the high frequency of trips, the Yukon government mail fleet is one of the highest emitters among government-owned vehicles, and by taking action we could see real reductions in those emissions.”

Further, installing vehicle charging stations in Whitehorse will help support Yukoners who want to convert to electric themselves.

The Official Opposition will continue to support the investment in green initiatives in the territory that will produce real, tangible results when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. 


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