Official Opposition Puts Forward Motion to Send Public Airports Act for More Consultations

WHITEHORSE – Today during Second Reading debate on the Public Airports Act, the Official Opposition put forward a motion to send the Act for more consultations.

Recently, many stakeholder groups, including members of the aviation industry, have come forward with concerns regarding the consultation process for the proposed legislation. Further, the government has not conducted a public consultation on the Act. These stakeholder groups have asked for the Liberals to withdraw the legislation and properly consult on it.

As a result, the Official Opposition proposed an amendment to send the bill for further consultations with stakeholders, municipalities, industry, and the public. The motion was debated for several hours on Tuesday. So far the Liberals have indicated they will not support the motion.

The Official Opposition will continue to push the government to listen to Yukoners, withdraw the Public Airports Act, and conduct a proper, meaningful consultation.


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