Official Opposition Pushes Government to Release Hospital Budget Documents

WHITEHORSE – After refusing to release the information for over 6 months, the Liberals caved to pressure from the Official Opposition and tabled documents showing how much money the Yukon Hospital Corporation (YHC) requested for this fiscal year. 

“While we appreciate that the Liberal government finally provided the information in question, it took over 6 months, and only happened after we brought forward this binding motion for debate,” stated Brad Cathers, Official Opposition Finance Critic. “The Liberal government’s delay in releasing this information is hardly open or transparent.”

On May 1st the Official Opposition tabled a Motion for the Production of Papers. If passed, this would have been considered an Order of the Assembly compelling the government to provide the documentation. After the motion was originally tabled, the Opposition requested this information numerous times and the government chose not to provide it. It was only when faced with a pending vote on the motion that the government finally released the information.

“There is an ongoing bed shortage at the hospital and the Minister has been unable to provide a plan to address it,” added Patti McLeod, Official Opposition Health Critic. “We will now review the documentation to see what resources the hospital requested that the government did not provide.”


On May 15, the Minister told the Legislative Assembly that the Yukon Hospital Corporation received $5.2 million less this year than they requested to effectively operate the territory’s hospitals.


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