Official Opposition Offers Constructive Suggestions to Address Hospital Bed Shortage

WHITEHORSE – With a lack of any plan coming from the Liberal government, the Yukon Party Official Opposition is proposing that the government explore solutions to the ongoing bed shortage at the Whitehorse Hospital through options such as adding more continuing care beds to the Thomson Centre.

The Whitehorse Hospital continues to struggle due to a lack of plan by this Health Minister to address the bed shortage. According to the Hospital Corporation a significant source of the bed pressures at the hospital is due to a lack of continuing care beds. In fact, the Hospital Corporation stated in November that up to 40% of hospital patients are awaiting another level of care such as continuing care.

“A lack of leadership by this Minister has meant the ongoing bed shortage has been allowed to continue without any plans to alleviate it despite the fact we have been raising this for months,” said Patti McLeod Official Opposition critic for Health. “We believe that the Minister should explore options such as finding more room for continuing care beds in the Thomson Centre.


  • According to the Chief of Medical Staff’s annual report, WGH was at or beyond full capacity 60% of the time for 2016/17, compared to only 21.4% in 2015/16 and 4.2% in 2013/14.
  • Up to 40% of hospital patients are awaiting another level of care such as continuing care.
  • The previous government took a number of actions to alleviate the demand for continuing care beds including:
    • The opening of a 10-bed care facility Birch Lodge and 10 extended care beds at Thomson Centre.
    • The opening of the new McDonald Lodge which increased the capacity by 4 beds.
    • The expansion of Home care.
    • The start of construction of the new Whistle Bend Place.


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