Official Opposition Convinces Government to Review Permit Hunt System

WHITEHORSE – After over a year of lobbying from the Official Opposition and chronic inaction from the Minister of Environment, the Yukon Liberal Government has finally agreed to launch an independent audit on the Yukon Permit Hunt Authorization lottery system.

The announcement for the review comes from the Minister after the 2018/19 hunting season permits were recalled due to incorrect data and the subsequent redraw was also plagued with errors. However, this is not a new issue.


  • On May 10, 2017 – MLA Wade Istchenko tabled a motion in the Legislature requesting a third-party independent audit. It reads:

THAT this House urges the Government of Yukon to seek an independent audit of the permit hunt system within the Department of Environment and tender its management to a third-party organization in response to the increasing concerns of Yukon hunters with the permit hunt system

  • On July 6, 2017 – MLA Istchenko wrote a follow-up letter to Minister Frost highlighting more concerns from resident hunters and outfitters, and again requests an independent audit.

  • On April 12, 2018 – During Committee-of-the-Whole debate in the Legislature, MLA Istchenko again asks the Minister to commit to an independent audit and address the concerns hunters have been raising.

  • On July 10, 2018 – Following issues with the data used for the 2018/19 lottery and the recall of issued permits, the Official Opposition issues a news release again calling for an independent audit.

“While I’m pleased to see the Minister finally make a decision and move forward with this third-party audit, I can’t help but think this is too little, too late. Hundreds of resident hunters and outfitters were affected by this redraw, and if the Minister had only listened to us in the first place and taken action over a year ago, these issues could have been prevented,” said Istchenko.

"I will continue to monitor this issue to ensure the review is truly independent."


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