Official Opposition Calls for ‘Slow Down, Move Over’ Legislation

WHITEHORSE – Today the Official Opposition brought forward a motion for debate urging the government to introduce “Slow Down, Move Over” legislation to reduce the instance of motorists dangerously passing vehicles with flashing lights on the side of the road or highway.

The motion, introduced by Official Opposition Leader Stacey Hassard, reads:

THAT This House urges the Yukon Government to develop “Slow Down, Move Over” Legislation similar to what is in place in BC, which would require motorists to slow down and move over for all vehicles stopped alongside the road that have flashing red, blue or yellow lights.

Unfortunately the Liberal government watered down the motion by amending it to delay any action on the file for at least over a year.

This kind of legislation would increase road safety and workplace safety for RCMP, firefighters, EMS, tow truck operators, road construction crews and others, as well as the Yukoners they assist along the side of the roadways.

“No Yukoner should find themselves in dangerous situations or at risk simply for doing their jobs. Just as they did through increasing the fines for motorists who pass school buses while their lights are still flashing, the government has the power to take action on ‘slow down, move over’ legislation right away,” stated Hassard. “As Yukon is one of the last jurisdictions in Canada without legislation of this kind, now is the time to take action on this issue – not delaying for over a year or rolling it into some other review. I am disappointed that this is not a priority for this government.”


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