Official Opposition Calls for Continuation of Sled Ed

WHITEHORSE - The Official Opposition is calling on the government to confirm whether it has cut a popular school program amid calls for its reinstatement from Whitehorse students.

The program, known as “Sled Ed”, is currently provided by Porter Creek Secondary School and is a unique, Made-in-Yukon course that has been very popular with students from across the territory.

In February last year, upon hearing from constituents that the course was set to be cancelled, MLA Geraldine Van Bibber wrote to the Minister of Education and was assured that the “high-interest” program would not be discontinued.

However, the Official Opposition has received word that the government is once again looking to cut the program, citing lack of interest and available funding.

“It’s disappointing to hear that this government is considering discontinuing a program that is not only popular among students, but also provides invaluable, relevant learning opportunities that are not offered anywhere else,” said Scott Kent, Official Opposition Education Critic. “Surely if the Liberal government can find $500,000 for a brand new logo and website redesign, or $200,000 to spray mist over a river, it can find money to continue supporting the education of Yukon students.


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