New School Year, No New Funding for School Supplies

WHITEHORSE –As the new school year begins, many are left wondering why the government chose to cut a popular program that helped to cover costs for school supplies for every student in the territory.

The program provided $100 per student to go towards the purchase of essential supplies for each student. The program was not renewed by the new Liberal government and was instead cut from the budget without any notice or consultation with families, teachers, or students.

“Not only did this funding program help lighten the financial burden for parents, it was one less task on their never-ending to-do lists to prepare for back-to-school,” said Geraldine Van Bibber, Official Opposition Education Critic.

Yukon Party MLAs raised concerns about the cutting of this program earlier this year during the spring session of the Legislative Assembly, asking the government why they didn’t make this decision based on evidence or consultation. Further, questions were raised as to why did they not conduct a program review the program on its efficacy before dropping it altogether.

MLA Van Bibber asked the Education Minister to reconsider her decision and allow school councils to access the funds for another year to give parents more notice before reviewing or removing the program altogether.

“It’s very disappointing that the government won’t reconsider their decision to cut it, particularly as parents were not given advance notice before it was taken from the budget,” added Van Bibber. “That being said, we wish all students, teachers and councils a successful school year and hope to see that success across the territory.”



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