NDP obviously don’t drive the Campbell Highway

Scott Kent, MLA for Riverdale NorthAs Submitted to Yukon newspapers on Friday, April 17th, 2015
by Scott Kent, Minister of Highways & Public Works

The NDP continue to misinterpret budget documents and draw incorrect conclusions. A recent letter to the editor and press release claimed that the Yukon government had spent $7.25 million in 2012-2013 to reconstruct the Robert Campbell Highway to kilometre 190 for the benefit of Yukon Zinc only. This is wrong and out of touch with reality. If the NDP drove the road, they would see the current work does not end at Yukon Zinc’s access road as they have asserted.

The Yukon Party made an election commitment as far back as 2002 to improve the Robert Campbell Highway for all users, including residents, tourists and the resource and exploration industry. Since that time, the government has budgeted more than $70 million for reconstruction work on both the north and south portions of the Robert Campbell Highway. This includes portions heading north from Watson Lake and from Carmacks to Faro, providing benefit to a wide range of users.

The initial functional plan for the South Campbell Highway was done from kilometre 10 to kilometre 190. Any work budgeted between these points is listed in the budget using the placeholder “to km 190”. The actual work completed remains well short of this location. In fact, planning is underway for the upcoming three construction seasons which will see work on the south portion extended as far as the Nahanni Range Road intersection, well south of the Yukon Zinc turnoff.

The Yukon government has an extensive highway maintenance and construction budget for the benefit of all our travellers. This year’s transportation budget is more than $60 million and includes work all across the territory. It also includes functional planning from the Yukon Zinc turnoff to the Faro cutoff, or kilometre 190 to kilometre 414 of the Robert Campbell Highway. This work creates jobs and opportunities for Yukoners and their families.