More Questions than Answers on $26 Million Liberal Carbon Tax Scheme

WHITEHORSE – When it comes to details on the $26 million carbon tax scheme, there are still more questions than answers.

In Question Period today, Official Opposition Finance Critic Brad Cathers pressed the Premier for information regarding the financial impacts on Yukoners of the Liberal carbon tax. Even though the Premier signed onto this tax scheme in December 2016, he continues to dodge responsibility and refuses to provide key details to Yukoners.

"Government documents released two weeks ago state that this new tax will cost Yukoners at least $26 million," stated Cathers. "What's most concerning is that the Premier claims it will be revenue neutral, but is unwilling or unable to back up his claims. The most recent estimates suggest that as a result of this new tax, Yukon families in the Whitehorse area will pay as much as $1,100 more per year, with rural families paying even more."

By failing to provide Yukoners with sufficient information about the carbon tax scheme the government is creating uncertainty for Yukon families and businesses.

“The fact that the Premier has not provided any details on how his carbon tax rebate scheme is going to work, or who will and won’t get money back is very concerning,” added Cathers. “It’s time for the Premier to show some leadership and be upfront with Yukoners about the impacts of the carbon tax scheme.”


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