MLAs Vote in Favour of Yukon Party Proposal to Increase Support for Renewable Energy Initiatives

WHITEHORSE – Today the Official Opposition was able to have an amendment to a government motion passed which calls for greater support of renewable energy initiatives in Yukon. 

The original motion up for debate read: 

“THAT this House supports the development of a strategy that addresses climate change, energy and the green economy as an effective mechanism to support economic diversification and environmental stewardship”

Kluane MLA Wade Istchenko proposed a friendly amendment by adding the phrase:

“and THAT this House urges the Government of Yukon to support environmental stewardship by developing initiatives that increase the use of renewable energy sources in Yukon.”

This addition establishes a broader commitment from the government to invest in renewable energy initiatives. The previous government had made significant investments in renewable energy and building retrofits which reduced emissions while supporting economic development.

All of these actions have a proven track record in Yukon of actual measurable reductions in GHG emissions without the imposition of a carbon tax which will increase the cost of everything.


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