Minister of Housing’s Hypocrisy Exposed

WHITEHORSE – Last year, Minister of Housing Pauline Frost fired five members of the Yukon Housing Corporation Board of Directors before their terms were up and without sufficient notice, leaving the board unable to operate. 

At the time the Minister made false claims that all of the fired directors had terms expiring at the same time at the end of January. The Minister was later proven wrong.

Then the Minister claimed that this was part of a new policy direction to have a smaller housing board. However, this week the Minister’s hypocrisy was exposed as she appointed two new members to the Board of Directors, bringing the total amount of members on the board back up to the original seven.

This latest move makes very clear what the Minister’s true motives were back in January 2017. Rather than focusing on the territory’s housing needs the Minister’s partisan motivations resulted in her firing the board and rendering it unable to operate for several months.

The Minister’s troubles on the housing file continue to mount with the social and seniors housing waitlist having more than doubled under her watch while at the same time she has been unable to come up with any serious plan to adequately house the staff at the new Whistlebend Continuing Care Centre.


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