Premier Sandy Silver Needs to Make Food Security in the North a Priority at Upcoming First Ministers Meeting

WHITEHORSE – Following a recent report and presentation by a University of Toronto researcher, it is clear that those living in Northern Canada are still struggling to buy groceries and feed their families, yet the costs aren’t going down anytime soon. 

The federal government had promised to improve the Nutrition North Canada program, which intends to reduce costs for groceries to our northernmost communities. However, these reforms have yet to be implemented and the costs of living in the North have not been addressed.

However, instead of focusing on lowering the cost of living in northern communities such as Old Crow, the federal government is hosting provincial and territorial leaders to convince them that a carbon tax - which will further increase the cost of groceries in our communities - is good for Canada, environmentally and economically.

“At the upcoming meetings in Ottawa, Premier Silver should make it clear that people in the North already face a very high cost of living and that a carbon tax will only make life more difficult,” said Stacey Hassard, Leader of the Official Opposition. “With our communities relying so heavily on groceries being shipped up the highway or flown in, it is clear a carbon tax is a reckless policy, and he should be pushing for an exemption in Yukon.”

In the recent territorial election, Silver claimed that a carbon tax will have no impact on the cost of living for people in the territories, but has provided no information to indicate it will have no impact on grocery costs or food insecurity North-of-60. In fact, the new Minister of Community Services admitted during the election that the cost of diapers will increase as a result of a carbon tax.

“The Yukon Liberals need to stand up for our rural communities, fight for an exemption to the carbon tax, and ensure Yukon families don’t see their cost of living increase further,” added Hassard.



Madison Pearson

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