Majority of Yukon Small Businesses Opposed to Carbon Tax

WHITEHORSE – A recent survey conducted by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), who represents over 200 small and medium-sized businesses in Yukon, found that 88% of respondents opposed a carbon tax scheme in the territory.

The survey found that those opposed to a carbon tax felt that it will result in higher operating costs for their businesses and that there is no guarantee the tax will reduce carbon emissions in the territory.

“This survey only confirms what we have been hearing from Yukon families and businesses. They are concerned about the financial impact the carbon tax will have on their operations, as well as their day to day lives,” stated Scott Kent, Official Opposition Critic for Economic Development.

The Official Opposition has questioned Premier Silver on his carbon tax scheme for over half a year, both in and outside the Legislative Assembly. To date, all questions have been met with non-answers, deflection and finger-pointing, despite the fact that signing onto the carbon tax scheme is the first action that Premier Silver made after being elected.

The Premier has given almost no information about what his carbon tax scheme will look like, how Yukoners will be reimbursed for what they have to pay on the tax, and whether Yukoners will receive the extra money they pay as a result of the GST being applied on top of the carbon tax.

“The decision to bring a carbon tax into the territory was the Premier’s alone, therefore it’s time that he show some leadership and share with Yukoners the details of the carbon tax scheme he signed onto,” added Kent.


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