Liberals Wait Until After Legislature Rises to Announce Permit Hunt Review

WHITEHORSE - To avoid being asked about the Permit Hunt Lottery Review, the Yukon Liberal Government purposely waited until after the Legislature rose to announce it.

The Official Opposition has been pressing the government to undertake an independent review of the permit hunt system for at least a year and a half. For example, on May 10, 2017, Official Opposition Environment Critic Wade Istchenko tabled the following motion:

THAT this House urges the Government of Yukon to seek an independent audit of the permit hunt system within the Department of Environment and tender its management to a third-party organization in response to the increasing concerns of Yukon hunters with the permit hunt system.

After dragging their heels for over a year the Liberals finally agreed on July 23, 2018 to do the review.

Today’s announcement that they are finally starting the audit, although good news, is 4 months after they originally said they were going to undertake the review.

“I am happy that the government appears to finally be listening to Yukon hunters who have been calling for an independent audit of the permit hunt system,” said Istchenko. “It’s just too bad that the Liberals were so late in getting this going and that they have purposely avoided being open and transparent to Yukoners by waiting until after the Legislature rose to make this announcement. However, better late than never.”


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