Liberals Vote to Grow Government Through Government-run Cannabis Corporation

WHITEHORSE - Today, the Yukon Liberal government used their majority to defeat a Yukon Party motion asking the government to abandon their plans to grow government through government-run retail and distribution of cannabis.

The motion up for debate, tabled by MLA Brad Cathers, read:

THAT this House urges the Yukon government to introduce amendments to Bill No.15, Cannabis Control and Regulation Act, to:

  • remove provisions that would grow the size of government by seeing government expand into the retail and distribution of cannabis; and
  • replace those clauses of Bill No. 15 with clauses that allow Yukon businesses to become licensed to sell and distribute cannabis in accordance with federal and territorial laws.

“The free market is the best way to compete with and eliminate the black market,” added Cathers. “Allowing the private sector to take the lead on the sale and distribution immediately upon the legalization of cannabis would not only save taxpayers’ money and reduce growth in government, but it would also allow the government to focus resources on strong regulation and enforcement.”


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