Liberals Vote against Constructive Amendment to Public Airports Act

WHITEHORSE – Today, the Yukon Liberal government used their majority to vote down a constructive amendment proposed by the Official Opposition to Bill No. 6: Public Airports Act that would require the Minister to review the Act every five years. 

The amendment, which was to be inserted after clause 23 of the Act, read:

Review of Act

(1) At least once every five years, the Minister must cause there to be a review of this Act and must submit a report respecting the review to the Legislative Assembly within one year after the commencement of the review.

(2) For the purposes of subsection (1), the first five-year period begins on the day after this section comes into force.

“This constructive amendment put forward by the Official Opposition, and supported by the Third Party, would have ensured that the Act was regularly reviewed to allow for any concerns or gaps to be addressed,” stated Brad Cathers, Official Opposition Justice Critic. “This type of addition is not uncommon in existing pieces of legislation. Unfortunately the government did not support this amendment.” 

The Official Opposition will continue to hold the government to account and ensure that any legislation put forward in the House will reflects the views of Yukoners.


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