Liberals Treat Themselves to $105,000 for Furniture, iPads, and Smart Phones

WHITEHORSE – Documents obtained by the Official Opposition show that shortly after coming into office the Liberal government went on a spending spree with taxpayers’ money. 

According to these documents, before the passing of the government’s 2017-18 budget which indicated they would be putting Yukon deep into debt, the Liberals spent $105,000 on personal luxuries ranging from furniture to iPads to smart phones.

This information comes a week after the Liberals passed a motion in the house calling on the government to consider the Financial Advisory Panel’s recommendations which include the creation of a sales tax.

“Perhaps it’s fitting that on Halloween we find out that the Liberals have been treating themselves with taxpayers’ money,” said Official Opposition Finance Critic Brad Cathers. “It is inappropriate that while the government is planning on going into debt and considering a territorial sales tax that they’re spending taxpayers’ money on new toys for themselves, including over $60,000 for new electronic devices.”

This is just the latest example of the Liberal Government excess.



Liberal Expenditures for Cabinet Offices


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