Liberals Need to Explain Why $900,000 Contract Was Sole-Sourced Outside

WHITEHORSE - The Liberal Government needs to explain why a contract worth over $900,000 was sole-sourced to an outside company without giving Yukon contractors an opportunity to bid. 

As reported today, a contract to oversee the construction of the new francophone school was given to a company from the N.W.T without an open and competitive tendering process.

This action contradicts the election promises the Liberals made to Yukoners in 2016. During the election the Deputy Premier promised to keep contract money within the territory promising to make benefits to Yukon businesses “the top priority.”

“The Liberals don’t seem to understand that actions speak louder than words,” said Stacey Hassard, Official Opposition Interim Leader. “This is just another in a long list of broken promises from this Liberal government.”

“Further, the government’s explanation that sole-sourcing this contract to an Outside firm is actually a good decision for Yukon businesses is insulting to Yukon’s hardworking private sector,” added Hassard. “The Premier made the claim he was getting out of the business of doing business and now his government is telling the private sector how they should run their business, it’s bizarre and shows a complete lack of understanding or care about the private sector. It is very concerning that the Liberals think they should be making business decisions on behalf of contractors instead of allowing them to decide for themselves.”

It’s time for the Minister of Public Works to come out and start answering questions such as:

  • Why they decided not to hold a competitive bidding process that would have allowed Yukon companies to bid?
  • Why the contract amount was significantly higher than the original contract that was given to a local firm?
  • How they believe giving money to outside firms makes Yukon businesses “the top priority” as they promised in the election?


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