Liberals Need to Explain Inconsistencies on Public Airports Act

WHITEHORSE – On October 26, 2017, the Minister of Highways and Public Works claimed that the Association of Yukon Communities had been consulted on the Public Airports Act:

“To his question regarding the list of communities that were consulted — in the House, my colleague, the Minister of Community Services, said that he was at the Association of Yukon Communities on September 23, and he listed off a range of issues that were coming and that the rural communities might be interest in. They included cannabis, comprehensive municipal grants, infrastructure and the Public Airports Act. He asked for their feedback on a range of issues, and the Public Airports Act did not register at the discussions at the Association of Yukon Communities with my colleague opposite. He heard very few concerns or comments about the Public Airports Act at that time. So they were aware of it, they had an opportunity to offer suggestions and, if they do now, I’m more than happy to listen to them and to hear what they have to say.”
            -  Minister Richard Mostyn (Yukon Legislative Assembly, Oct 26, 2017)

However, the Minister’s version of events do not align with the facts. The AYC minutes of their September 23rd meeting make no mention of the Public Airports Act as an item of discussion.

“This is just another example of the inconsistencies and misrepresentation of facts stated by this Liberal government.” said Stacey Hassard, Leader of the Official Opposition. “The government needs to explain these inconsistences and correct the record.”


  • The Minister of Highways and Public Works received a letter from the Northern Air Transport Association stating that they were not properly consulted.
  • The Minister claimed that the City of Whitehorse received draft legislation, a claim that was disputed by the City.
  • Both Watson Lake and Teslin have written to the government stating they have concerns with the government’s consultation on the Airports Act.
  • The Watson Lake Chamber of Commerce has written a letter indicating they have concerns with the consultations on the Airports Act.
  • The Minutes for the September 23rd AYC Meeting are available here:


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