Liberals Miss Construction Deadline for Resource Gateway Project by Almost 6 Months and Counting

WHITEHORSE – On September 2, 2017, Premier Silver participated in a photo-op announcing an investment in the Resource Gateway Project.

At the time the Official Opposition congratulated the government as this project will benefit Yukon.

However, since that time the Liberals have missed a key milestone of this project. According to Infrastructure Canada’s website the Yukon Liberal government told Canada that construction of the project was forecasted to begin June 1, 2018. As this deadline is five and a half months overdue with no start of construction in sight, it now appears that the Liberals have not placed a priority on moving this project forward.

Over the last 2 days in Question Period the Minister of Energy, Mines, and Resources was unable to answer these simple questions:

  • When major construction for the Gateway Resource Roads will begin?
  • When will the project be submitted for an environmental review?
  • Has the government started the engineering work for the project?
  • The government originally stated construction will be completed by March 31, 2024. Do the construction delays impact the end date?

“As with so many files, the Liberals are more than happy to take part in photo-ops but when it comes to actually moving projects forward or making decisions, they fall flat,” said Scott Kent, Official Opposition Critic for Mining. “The Resource Gateway project is a good project and we want to see it go forward. The Liberals claimed that they would plan major projects better than previous governments so we are left wondering why they told the federal government they would start construction almost 6 months ago but have only dragged their heels instead.”



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