Liberals Mislead Yukoners on Free Radon Testing Kits

WHITEHORSE –Yesterday the Minister responsible for the Yukon Housing Corporation told Yukoners that her department would provide free radon testing kits in areas of Whitehorse that have had high amounts of radon detected in residential homes in their neighbourhoods. This was quickly proven to be false.

The presence of radon in homes and how to detect it is a growing concern for many Yukoners. Recently it was discovered that there were significant levels of radon in a number of subdivisions in Whitehorse. When asked about this by Health Critic Patti McLeod in Question Period, the Minister of Housing told the House:

“We do offer free radon testing and we continue to do that.”

However, interested Yukoners contacted Yukon Housing this morning and were told that if they lived in Whitehorse – including in the respective subdivisions that were asked about in the Legislative Assembly – they would not be provided free radon testing kits. Despite the Minister’s claims, they have to purchase the radon testing kits on their own dime.

“It seems to us that the Minister does not know what is going on in her own department nor does she know what services her government is offering to people in Whitehorse,” said McLeod. “This is an important issue about the health of Yukoners and it’s concerning for the Minister to not only be unwilling to help Whitehorse residents detect and mitigate radon, but also to not know the ins and outs of her own department. This is just another example of how this Minister has too much on her plate.”

The Official Opposition wrote to the Minister about this topic almost 10 months ago and she has still not responded.


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