Liberals Insist on Having Power to Implement Airport Tax

WHITEHORSE – Today, the Yukon Liberal government refused to amend and remove a clause in the Public Airports Act that will give them the power to implement an Airport Tax.

In Question Period, the Minister of Highways and Public Works was pressed for the second day in a row by the Official Opposition to amend section 21 (1) - which would give the Liberals the legislative authority to implement an Airport Tax.

For the second day in a row the Minister was unwilling to remove the section, instead dodging the question and refusing to tell the Legislative Assembly why he thinks the Liberal government should have the power to bring in an Airport Tax.

“If the Liberals don’t want an Airport Tax then why did they table a piece of legislation that gives them the ability to bring one in,” said Stacey Hassard, Leader of the Official Opposition. “Actions speak louder than words and if the Government is sincere that it doesn’t want an Airport Tax then they should amend the legislation today.”

The Liberals were also pressed on the lack of consultation done prior to tabling the bill. It is becoming clear that the government’s consultations on this piece of legislation were not thorough and excluded many key stakeholders.


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