Liberals Have No Plan to Address Bed Shortage

WHITEHORSE – Despite an ongoing bed shortage crisis at the Whitehorse General Hospital caused by a demand for continuing care beds, the Liberal government yesterday passed a motion to cap the size of Whistle Bend Place at 150 continuing beds without presenting a plan for how they will respond to the bed shortage.

According to the Chief of Medical Staff’s annual report, the hospital was at or beyond full capacity 60% of the time for 2016/17. Further, the Yukon Hospital Corporation has indicated that this issue has drastically increased over the last several months and that now almost 40% of their patients need to be placed in another type of health care facility.

The Official Opposition has pushed the government for almost two weeks to explain what they are doing to address the bed shortage at the hospital. The government has provided very little detail on what they are doing or will do and it is becoming clear that there is no plan to address this issue.

“The ongoing bed shortage at the Whitehorse General Hospital requires a concrete plan from this government to address it,” said Patti McLeod, Official Opposition Health Critic. “If you’re going to cancel an old plan, then you better have a new one to replace it.”


  • In 2015/16 the Whitehorse General Hospital was at or beyond full capacity 21.4%.
  • In 2013/14 the Whitehorse General Hospital was at or beyond full capacity 4.2%.
  • The previous government had taken actions to help alleviate this issue such as:
    • The opening of Birch Lodge which created 10 new continuing care beds
    • The opening of the new McDonald Lodge in Dawson City which increased the bed count there by 4.
    • The reopening of 10 beds at the Thomson Centre.
    • Beginning construction on Whistle Bend Place.



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