Liberals Don’t Know if Carbon Tax Will Achieve Environmental Goals

WHITEHORSE – On October 29th, Premier Silver confirmed on national television that the Yukon Liberals do not know whether the carbon tax scheme they’ve signed onto will actually reduce emissions and meet the environmental goals of the territory.

The Premier was asked whether the carbon tax will actually achieve our environmental goals. In response he stated:

“Well again, time will tell, right I mean if you have a country that actually does something about climate change that puts forth an evidence-based decision on climate we’ll get the results, we’ll get the analysis and data and we’ll see if this actually reduces the greenhouse gasses.”


“We have spent almost two years asking for details on the economic and environmental impacts of the carbon tax and it’s been clear that the Liberals simply were unable or unwilling to answer. We know that the carbon tax is going to increase the costs of everything in the territory so to hear the Premier admit that he doesn’t even know if this carbon tax scheme is actually going to reduce emissions is extremely disappointing and leaves us wondering why he signed onto the thing.”

“Despite the fact that the Liberals take every opportunity to brag about their commitment to ‘evidence-based decision-making’ it is now clear that they did not gather any evidence before agreeing to sign onto the carbon tax scheme in December 2016. It is completely irresponsible for the Premier to have signed onto this without knowing any of these key details.”

- Stacey Hassard, Leader of the Official Opposition


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