Liberals Cut Women’s Equality Fund by $80,000

WHITEHORSE – Premier Silver’s second budget has cut the Women’s Equality Fund from $300,000 to $220,000.

“We were surprised to see the Liberals cut this fund especially considering they were able to find $120,000 to spray mist into the air in Dawson City, while also finding $500,000 to get a new website and logo.” said Patti McLeod Official Opposition Critic for the Women’s Directorate.

In Question Period today, MLA McLeod asked the Minister responsible for the Women’s Directorate why the Women’s Equality Fund was $80,000 less than the previous year.

“If the government was looking for ways to save, they could have done so without cutting money from this fund,” added McLeod. “We believe the government should have prioritized the Women’s Equality Fund over expenditures that were not essential, such as renovations to their cabinet offices or the purchase of furniture for themselves.”


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