Liberals Appoint Liberal Partisan to Electoral Reform Commission

WHITEHORSE – The Liberal government continues to stack the deck in their favour on electoral reform. 

Last year, to begin this process, the Liberals launched a biased survey that excluded the option for Yukoners to say that they did not want a change to the electoral system. To make matters worse, they designed a One-Party-Decides-All approach for appointing a commission on electoral reform, allowing only the Liberal Party to have meaningful input into who is appointed to this commission. Further, the Liberals have made it clear that only they can determine the terms of reference that will dictate the work of their appointed commission.

As another part of their biased approach, the Liberals have now appointed a Liberal donor and Policy Chair for Liberal Party of Canada to the allegedly “non-partisan” commission. This commissioner has sat on the Yukon Liberal Party Executive in the past. By appointing someone with such clear partisan connections to the Liberal Party it is clear that the Liberal government is stacking the deck in their favour.

Additionally, the appointed Chair of the Commission donated over $6,000 to the New Democratic Party between 2011 and 2014.

Finally, throughout this entire process, the Premier has refused to put any of his questions to the opposition parties in writing, meaning that it would likely not be captured by the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP). The Yukon Party has, on numerous occasions, written to the Premier to insist that he conduct all consultations on electoral reform in writing so that there is a written record for Yukoners to understand how and why the Liberals are making changes to our electoral system. It is concerning that the Premier has so far refused to put any of his requests in writing so that they are subject to ATIPP.

Yukoners must have full confidence that no one party is allowed to rig the electoral system in their favour. In the interests of integrity within our democratic system, the Liberals need to abandon this approach of stacking the deck in their favour.


In April the Premier stated that he would be appointing people to the commission that “are not of a partisan nature.”

"We hope that we'll pick names that Yukoners will see are not of a partisan nature or pre-determining what the outcome should be," said Silver.


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