Liberal Plans to Adjust Catchment Areas Will Affect 833 Students

WHITEHORSE – Last week it was revealed by the Yukon Party Official Opposition that the Liberal government will be adjusting the student attendance areas for at least four elementary schools in Whitehorse.

The schools included in this adjustment are:

  • Hidden Valley Elementary School
  • Holy Family Elementary School
  • Jack Hulland Elementary School
  • Takhini Elementary School

According to the Department of Education, the combined attendance for those four schools was 833 students as of January 31, 2019. To put that in perspective, the entire elementary school population for Whitehorse was 2717 at the same time. This means that 31% of the entire elementary school population of Whitehorse could be affected by these changes.

In response to questions from the Yukon Party Official Opposition, the Minister committed to hold public meetings with the affected schools before any changes are implemented. However, there are still outstanding questions, including:

  • If the consensus at those public meetings is against changing the attendance areas will the Minister listen to parents? Or is this simply a faux consultation?
  • When will those public meetings take place?
  • Will more than just those four schools have their student attendance areas adjusted as well?


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