Liberal-NDP Coalition Avoids Accountability

WHITEHORSE – Yukoners are getting a strong indication of how unaccountable a Liberal-NDP coalition will be, as the two parties have agreed behind closed doors to a very short 11-day sitting of the Legislative Assembly.

This means that MLAs will only have 11 days to review $1.8 billion in government spending as well as all of the decisions agreed to by the Liberals and NDP such as rent control.

This effectively shuts down proper public accountability and scrutiny for the largest budget in the territory’s history.

“This 11-day sitting shows the Liberal-NDP coalition are hiding from proper legislative scrutiny of a territorial budget,” said Official Opposition Leader Currie Dixon. “Democracy depends on public transparency, and proper scrutiny by the Legislative Assembly. There is no good reason for government to hide from this oversight.”

In May 2020, it was the NDP who chastised the Premier and the Liberal government for not calling the house back to properly debate the budget and COVID spending. Now, the NDP are helping the Liberals limit debate on the territory’s finances.

This year’s revised budget will also contain items agreed upon in secret by the Liberals-and NDP. Instead of allowing for democratic oversight the NDP have agreed to let the Liberals avoid scrutiny and limit the length of debate on a record amount of government spending.

“For years NDP leaders have been the champions of democracy, the legislature, and oversight but it appears this new iteration of the NDP was more than happy to throw this legacy out the window to prop up the Liberals,” added Dixon. “The Yukon Party will continue to fight against these undemocratic moves by the Liberals and NDP.”

The Yukon Party Official Opposition asked for a full 30-day sitting, to allow for proper oversight and scrutiny of the largest budget in the territory’s history.

Yukoners voted for a more collaborative government, but instead two of the three parties are shutting out the party that won the popular vote and hiding from democratic oversight.


Tim Kucharuk
Press Secretary
(867) 393-7026