Liberal Government to Give Themselves Power to Bring in Airport Tax

WHITEHORSE – Last week, the Yukon Liberal government brought forward a piece of legislation called the Public Airports Act. The Act would give the government the legislative authority to bring in an Airport Improvement Fee or an Airport Tax.

Today, in the Legislative Assembly the Minister of Highways and Public Works was pressed by the Official Opposition as to why his government would include this power in the legislation unless they intended to use it.

Although the Minister claims the government does not intend to use this power, he was unable or unwilling to tell the Legislative Assembly why he thinks the power should be included.

“The legislation is very clear, the Liberals are giving themselves the ability to bring in an Airport Tax,” said Scott Kent, MLA for Copperbelt South. “If the Liberals are sincere about not wanting to bring in a new Airport Tax then they should amend the legislation to remove this power.”

Despite the fact that this legislation could give the Liberals the ability to implement an Airport Tax that could increase the cost of flying for all Yukoners, the government chose not to hold a thorough public consultation before tabling it in the Legislative Assembly.


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