Liberal Government Sets Yukon on Path of Debt and Deficit

WHITEHORSE – In response to the tabling of Yukon’s 2017/18 budget and delivery of the budget speech, Official Opposition Leader Stacey Hassard released the following statement:

“This Liberal government’s first budget is sending Yukoners down a path of big deficits, and big debt.

“After being left a significant amount of net financial assets, we are very disappointed to see that his government is planning to take on net-debt of over $216 million by 2021. Additionally, they are planning on running a deficit of close to $60 million by 2019.

“Further, this Budget breaks the Liberal election promise to eliminate the small business corporate tax rate by July 1, 2017. This is in addition to the Liberals breaking their election promise to table all seasonably dependent contracts by the end of March each year.

“It’s also important to note that although the Premier promised this budget would show the true cost of government, he hasn’t actually accounted for the impacts of his carbon tax scheme in his economic projections or on the operations, maintenance or capital of government. If the carbon tax reduces economic activity, or makes it more expensive for government to heat their buildings or build highways, the deficits and debt projected in this budget could be even higher.

“In his speech today, the Premier said ‘the longer you go down a path in the wrong direction, the harder a trip back will be.’ And I would have to agree.

“As the Premier is now sending Yukon down a path of debt and deficit we are left wondering how hard the trip back will be.”



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