Liberal Government Cuts Funding for Whitehorse Trolley, First Time Homeowners, and Highway Maintenance

WHITEHORSE – The Liberal government has decided that funding the Whitehorse Trolley is not a priority for them, and as a result it will not run this summer.

This decision comes along with the Liberals making cuts to popular loan programs for first-time home buyers and builders, reducing the territory’s highway maintenance budget by $2.5 million, refusing to expand coverage of continuous glucose monitoring to all Yukoners with Type 1 Diabetes, and freezing funding for several NGOs.

While defending these cuts in the Legislature, the Liberals often referenced other financial priorities.

Along with giving the Premier a raise, here’s a list of things the Yukon Liberals have considered to be more important financial priorities for their government:

  • Spending $255,000 to increase the budget for Liberal political staff
  • Spending $500,000 on a logo and website to “rebrand” the government
  • Spending $120,000 to spray water in the air in Dawson City
  • Spending $200,000 on a second failed attempt to create an ice bridge
  • Spending $3 million on creating their government-run cannabis corporation
  • Spending $150,000 to study connecting to the BC Grid when an earlier study already said it was infeasible


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