Liberal Carbon Tax Could Cost Placer Mines Over $200,000

WHITEHORSE – Placer mining is a significant economic cornerstone of Yukon. Unfortunately the new Liberal carbon tax will make this industry less viable by making the diesel fuel it relies on more expensive.

Yesterday in Dawson City the price of diesel was $1.61/litre. According to documents provided by the federal government, the carbon tax will increase this by ¢13.69/litre.

As a result of this price increase, a placer operation could potentially see an increase on the amount they spend on fuel by over $200,000 per year.

“During the election the Premier promised every Yukoner that the carbon tax scheme he was signing onto wouldn’t harm them, because they would get all their money back,” said Scott Kent Official Opposition Critic for Energy, Mines, and Resources. “Unfortunately for Yukoners it looks like those were just words as it is clear that the carbon tax is going to make life significantly more difficult for placer miners in the territory. The Premier needs to commit today that placer miners will either be exempt from the carbon tax scheme or that every placer miner will get 100% of their money back.”


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