Liberal Budget Grows Government; Fails to Support Private Sector

WHITEHORSE – In response to the tabling of the Yukon government 2018-19 Budget, Leader of the Official Opposition Stacey Hassard released the following statement:

“The Liberals are continuing their plans to take Yukon into deficit in future years.

“While the Liberals take Yukon into deficit, they are also increasing the size of government with expenditures such as $3 million to establish a government-run Cannabis corporation. Instead of growing government, the Premier should be focused on building the private sector up while directing resources towards health and safety.

“On the topic of contracts, much of the work that local contractors rely on is seasonally dependent. During the election the Liberals promised that their government would tender seasonally dependent construction projects no later than March of each year. After breaking this promise in their first year, they have only set aside $46 million for these contracts this year. We have heard concerns from contractors about a lack of work this summer and we are concerned that if this is all that is available for seasonally dependent work this year, it will not be enough.

“Finally, we are disappointed to see that this government didn’t include significant money for the Gateway resource roads project. We know the Premier enjoyed his photo-op, but actions speak louder than words.”


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