Government Consultation Susceptible to Abuse

WHITEHORSE – The Liberal government is currently conducting an online consultation on Yukon’s financial future. However, the public consultation website, called Yukon Plans, is susceptible to abuse and consequently the results of the consultation process are at risk. 

The Official Opposition has learned that the consultation on the website can be filled out an unlimited number of times from the same computer. There are also no restrictions preventing people from outside of Yukon from participating, increasing the possibility that the results may be skewed.

“This summer time consultation by Premier Silver’s government increasingly looks like a smoke screen for decisions the Liberals have already made,” stated Official Opposition Finance Critic Brad Cathers. “This major problem with their website is another demonstration of how little attention has been paid to ensuring the results reflect the views of Yukon citizens.”

The survey is supposedly intended to offer the general public an opportunity to provide input in lieu of public meetings in each community. The Official Opposition pressed the Liberal government several times in the Legislative Assembly on whether it will hold public consultation in each community and when those consultations will occur – these questions were met with non-answers.

While meetings with selected stakeholders will occur, these are not open to all Yukoners.

“This again raises the question of whether the government really wants to hear from the public. If the Liberal government truly wanted to hear from Yukoners, they would hold public consultations in every Yukon community instead of doing a flawed online survey in the middle of summer,” Cathers added. 


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