Yukon Party Official Opposition Calls to Question New Federal Tax on Health and Dental Benefits

WHITEHORSE – The Official Opposition is seeking clarity on recent reports that the federal government is considering a tax on private health and dental plans for Canadians.

The 2016 Report on Federal Tax Expenditures estimates that a federal tax on private health and dental plans would increase taxes on approximately 13.5 million Canadians, filling government coffers with up to $2.9 billion in revenues. Many Yukoners subscribe to private health and dental benefits, and will be affected by this tax increase.    

“As a high cost of living is already a reality in the North, I am concerned about the negative impact this would have on families and businesses in Yukon,” said Stacey Hassard, Leader of the Official Opposition. “Further, I am concerned that such a measure could result in Yukon employers scaling back the health coverage they offer their employees.”

The Official Opposition has written to Ottawa seeking details about the total impact in the territory and how they plan to ensure this will not negatively affect the quality of health and dental coverage for Yukoners. Additionally, they are asking Premier Silver to raise concerns with this new tax while at the First Ministers Meeting in Ottawa this week.

Coupled with a carbon tax, this new tax on health benefits would further increase the cost of living on hardworking Yukon families and businesses.

“The Yukon Party wants to ensure that life remains affordable for all Yukoners,” added Hassard. “We would like to see the Yukon Government make this a priority as well.”


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