Electoral Reform Survey Doesn’t Ask Yukoners If They Prefer Current System

WHITEHORSE – The Liberal government’s electoral reform survey fails to ask Yukoners if they are satisfied with how we currently elect our governments, or if they even want change at all. Currently, the entire survey is framed to suggest that changes are required, rather than waiting to hear whether Yukoners want change.

“The Liberals’ approach to changing the electoral system misses asking the key question of whether people even want a change,” stated Brad Cathers, Official Opposition Justice Critic. “Since Yukoners are not even given the opportunity to say if they want a change at all, the process is flawed.”

Leaving out a question asking Yukoners if they're satisfied with the current electoral model means the survey is designed in a way that is biased and excludes the possibility of any result suggesting the status quo is preferred.

“Changing the way Yukoners vote should not be taken lightly, and any proposed change to our electoral system should be put to a referendum,” added Cathers.


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