Government Has Not Done Economic Analysis on the Impacts of Their Carbon Tax on Tourism Industry

WHITEHORSE - Today during Question Period it was established that before agreeing to usher a carbon tax into Yukon, the Premier did not complete an economic analysis on the financial impacts the carbon tax would have on Yukon’s tourism sector. Additionally, documents obtained by the Official Opposition indicate that the Premier has not undertaken any economic analysis of impacts on the tourism sector since he signed onto the carbon tax in December. 

For six months, the Official Opposition has been calling on the government to release more information about their carbon tax scheme, particularly whether any analysis has been completed with regards to its financial impact on the territory.

“Yukoners know that before you sign your name along the dotted line of a contract, you should have an understanding of what it is you’re actually agreeing to,” stated Official Opposition Leader Stacey Hassard in his question to the Premier. “We would have expected that an economic analysis of the impact on Yukon families and businesses would have been done before the Premier signed his name onto this carbon tax scheme. Further, it is shocking that in months since signing onto the carbon tax the Premier hasn’t done an analysis on the impacts of the carbon tax on Yukoners.”

The tourism sector is highly competitive and any increases to costs will potentially have major negative impacts on the entire sector.

“In December the Premier told media that Yukoners will get more money back in a carbon tax than they actually pay because tourists will pay the carbon tax but will be ineligible for a rebate,” added Tourism and Culture Critic Geraldine Van Bibber. “It would seem the Premier is essentially proposing a tax on tourism.”

One would assume the government would have used the record six months it has taken to reconvene the legislature to at least do some basic analysis.



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