Documents Confirm Premier Misled Yukoners about the Carbon Tax

WHITEHORSE – Today the Official Opposition tabled documents in the Legislative Assembly showing that the Premier promised Yukoners during the election that each individual would receive all of their money back from the carbon tax scheme. The documents, which are a series of private social media messages from the Premier, indicate that during the election he was actively telling Yukoners that everyone would get all their money back.

For example, Silver told a voter:

“If a 3-4 man placer camp spends $2500 on the carbon tax on average, we will give [that] back in cash.”

Further, when asked what Yukoners living in the Whitehorse periphery will get other than increased costs to commute, Silver referenced:

“…grant money for new windows, and all that extra carbon tax money back in your pocket”.

Last week it was confirmed that Yukoners will not get all that money back as they will actually be double taxed once you account for GST. Further, the government has indicated that their rebate scheme will not return 100% of the money to every individual.

“The Premier promised Yukoners during the election that every Yukoner would get 100% of the carbon tax back in their pockets and he has to be held accountable for his words,” said Scott Kent Official Opposition House Leader. “Further, when the Premier was asked point blank whether a household in rural Yukon that pays $825 in extra taxes as a result of the carbon tax will receive 100% of that money back, he unfortunately deflected and refused to answer.”


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