Cost Estimates for Cabinet Office Renovations Up to $400,000

WHITEHORSE – Access to Information documents obtained by the Official Opposition show that at the same time the Liberal Government is planning to go into debt and run massive deficits they have been entertaining significant renovations to their own offices, which could cost taxpayers up to $400,000.

Instead of focusing on the priorities of Yukoners, it appears the government has been actively exploring how to give their own offices an expensive makeover.

“Although we don’t know how much the Liberals ultimately spent or are planning to spend, we know a number of upgrades and renovations have already taken place in their offices and that the initial cost estimates for these improvements and luxuries were up to $400,000,” said Official Opposition Finance Critic Brad Cathers. “This is particularly surprising as the Cabinet Offices were in great condition half a year ago.”

While Yukon contractors and municipalities have been waiting eagerly for the government to stop dragging their heels and tender contracts for much-needed public infrastructure projects, such as the Watson Lake reservoir, the government instead focused their efforts fast-tracking renovations to their own offices.

“Considering they took a record amount of time to bring back the Legislature after the election, have already broken or amended a number of election promises, and have made numerous attempts to shut down debate on their own policies, it appears the Liberals are more interested in the perks than they are the work.” added Cathers.


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