Consultations on Airport Act Flawed; Liberal Legislation Allows for Airport Tax

WHITEHORSE – Today, it became very clear that the Yukon Liberal government’s very limited consultations on the Airport Act were flawed. For the third day in a row the Government avoided questions and was unable to provide details regarding their consultation process.

Additionally, despite his claims, the Minister of Highways and Public Works continues to insist that the legislation should give the government the ability to implement an Airport Tax.

“The Liberals have ducked and dodged important questions all week about how and when they consulted on the Airport Act,” said Stacey Hassard, Leader of the Official Opposition. “Further, they continue to insist that the legislation include powers that allow them to bring in an Airport Tax. If they don’t want to bring in a tax then amend the legislation – it’s that simple.”

“The government needs to go back to the drawing board and conduct proper consultations,” added Hassard.

A lack of answers has become a hallmark for this Liberal government.


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