Official Opposition Calls for Meaningful Consultation on Coroners Act

WHITEHORSE - As indicated in a briefing with officials, the Yukon Liberal government did not properly consult a number of important stakeholders prior to tabling Bill No. 27: Coroners Act, including first responders and health professionals.

In response, the Official Opposition is calling on the government to consult these key stakeholders before the end of the fall legislative sitting to ensure their input can be incorporated in the Bill.

“This is legislation that affects the jobs of first responders and health professionals across the Yukon, and we believe they should have had the opportunity to provide meaningful input during the drafting of the updated Act,” stated Brad Cathers, Official Opposition Justice Critic. “We agree that the legislation is in need of modernization but due to the lack of proper consultation with people affected by it, we are unable to support the Bill at this time.”

“In the interests of modernizing the Act, we are offering a constructive solution to the government to remedy their oversight of not consulting,” added Cathers. “The government can immediately proceed with an expedited consultation over the next few weeks to ensure that the voices of these outstanding groups are heard before moving forward with the Bill.”

“If these first responders and health professionals are given the opportunity to be heard and their voices are taken into account, the Official Opposition will be able to support moving forward with a modernized Coroners Act.”


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