Liberals Provide No Plan to Reduce Rapidly Growing Cataract Surgery Waitlist

WHITEHORSE – On October 18th the Yukon Hospital Corporation informed the Legislative Assembly that the cataract surgery waitlist now exceeded 3 years with 350 Yukoners waiting for surgery.

“On the topic of ophthalmology — wait times to see an ophthalmologist and receive cataract surgery have been growing rapidly and now exceeds three years. There are approximately 350 patients waiting for cataract surgery.” – Yukon Hospital Corporation, October 18, 2018

During Question Period on October 23rd the Official Opposition asked the government to provide a plan to address this rapidly growing waitlist. Unfortunately the government was unable or unwilling to give a clear answer about what they are doing to reduce the waitlist.

“Impaired vision can have a life-changing impact, and receiving cataract surgery in a timely manner is very important to someone’s quality of life and their ability to function independently,” said Patti McLeod Official Opposition Critic for Health. “The Official Opposition has been asking the Minister since this summer to take action to address this rapidly growing wait list but what we have yet to hear of any concrete action that the government is taking to reduce the waitlist."

A recently leaked memo indicates that the Liberal Cabinet has asked all Departments, even Health and Social Services, to find up to 2% cuts to their operations and maintenance budgets.


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