Carbon Tax Scheme to Increase Amount Yukoners Pay in GST

WHITEHORSE – A recent study from the Library of Parliament has found that goods and services taxes (GST) will be applied on top of the carbon tax.

The study estimated that in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta alone, a total of up to $250 million more in GST revenue would be collected as a result of the carbon tax. This means that Yukoners will be paying even more than was originally predicted as a result of the carbon tax scheme that Premier Silver signed onto.

The Official Opposition has asked the Liberal government several times to confirm that every Yukoner will receive back all the money they will pay with the carbon tax, as well as the extra that they will pay as a result of the GST. Unfortunately, the government has continued to be evasive and so far has provided non-answers to straight forward questions.

The Official Opposition will continue to stand up for Yukon taxpayers and push this government to be open and transparent about their plan for the carbon tax scheme they signed on to.


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