Premier Silver’s Carbon Tax Scheme to Raise the Cost of Gasoline by close to 12 cents a litre

WHITEHORSE – Today, further details on the carbon tax scheme that Premier Silver signed onto were released. In response, Official Opposition Economic Development Critic Scott Kent released the following statement:

“Today’s announcement confirms what the Official Opposition has been saying all along – every Yukoner will end up paying more as a result of Premier Silver’s carbon tax scheme.

“The technical paper on the carbon tax scheme shows that the cost of gasoline will rise by close to 12 cents a litre. This means businesses and Yukon families will see their bills go up for necessary activities such as heating their homes and driving to work.

“A study by the University of Calgary estimates the average Alberta household will pay over $1,100 extra as a result of a carbon tax. As things naturally cost more in the North than they do in the South, it is possible the costs to Yukon households will be even higher.

“Surprisingly, the documents released today have no information explaining how or even if emissions will be reduced as a result of this carbon tax scheme. In fact, the Premier has been asked several times in the Legislative Assembly how much his carbon tax will reduce Yukon’s emissions and each time has refused to provide an answer.

“It’s time for the Premier to be upfront with Yukoners on the details of his carbon tax scheme.”


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Chart displaying impacts of the Premier's Carbon Tax Scheme on fuels. Source: Environment Canada technical paper


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