Carbon Tax Exempts Coal and Offshore Oil and Gas

WHITEHORSE – While costs on Yukon families will drastically increase to pay for the Liberal carbon tax scheme, New Brunswick coal plants will be given an exemption. Further, offshore oil and gas in Newfoundland will also be given a break from the carbon tax.

The entire Yukon only produces 0.6 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and will not be given an exemption. Meanwhile, a single coal plant in New Brunswick produces 2.8 megatonnes of greenhouse gasses – 367% more than the entire Yukon.

“While our Premier has refused to stand up for Yukoners, other Premiers have literally convinced the federal government to exempt dirty coal plants and offshore oil and gas,” said Stacey Hassard Leader of the Official Opposition. “In no world is it fair that a heavy polluting industry like coal gets an exemption while a Yukon family living pay cheque to pay cheque is forced to pay more.”

It’s no coincidence that there is a federal election coming up. The federal Liberals are desperately trying to save the 32 seats they currently hold in Atlantic Canada so they are busy exempting big polluting industries from the carbon tax scheme. So while big industry in Eastern Canada gets a free pass from the Liberal carbon tax scheme, Yukon families that need to drive to work at minus 40 will be forced to pay.

“It’s now clear that this carbon tax scheme is not about protecting the environment, it’s about protecting Liberal seats out East,” added Hassard.


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