Bill 107 flawed, needs more work by all-party committee

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Bill 107 flawed, needs more work by all-party committee

  • The Yukon NDP Bill 107 amending the Elections Act failed to address third party spending
  • NDP chose not to propose campaign financing changes during the all-party review and voted in support of proposed amendments


WHITEHORSE—The Yukon Party is open to discussing amendments to campaign financing invites all parties to discuss proposed amendments via an all-party committee. The Yukon Party has always taken an inclusive approach with regards to the fundamental law that governs our democracy.

“We have always held that changes to the Elections Act should have broad, multi-party support and that no one party should unilaterally attempt to force through changes that affect how Yukoners select their representatives,” said Brad Cathers, a member of the all-party Member Services Board. “This approach encourages all parties to work together and aims to avoid grandstanding or gaming the system on such an important piece of legislation.”

During the Chief Electoral Officer’s review of the Elections Act, campaign financing was identified as an area that parties may wish to discuss. In addition to donations, the report identified third-party spending, riding association spending, and leadership campaigns as areas currently not covered, but worthy of discussion. All Member Services Board members, including the Leader of the Yukon NDP, concurred to not discuss those topics collectively.

“We see this for what it is. The Yukon NDP are grandstanding in an election year,” added Currie Dixon, member of Member Services Board. “If they had a legitimate interest in making changes to campaign financing, they would have raised this when we conducted the all-party review of the act. It also rings hollow that they would table a bill banning Outside donations, mere days after holding a fundraiser in Edmonton.”

Amendments to the Elections Act passed unanimously by the Yukon Legislative Assembly last fall included nine pages dealing with campaign financing. The exact clauses Bill 107 proposes to change were amended unanimously at that time and the NDP failed to propose any changes then, or at Member Services Board.

The Yukon Party is happy to re-engage and have a full discussion on all identified areas of campaign financing, in particular third-party spending. Lack of oversight on third-party spending allows US-style Super PACs to advertise and influence the political process.


Dan Macdonald
Caucus Communications
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