Official Opposition Will Seek 40 Day Legislative Sitting

WHITEHORSE – The Official Opposition will be seeking to have the upcoming spring sitting last the legislated maximum of 40 days.

Given that it’s been nearly a year since the Legislative Assembly has sat, the government has approved close to half a billion dollars without legislative oversight, and the Premier has announced there will be a completely new type of budgeting, the Official Opposition believes that 40 days is a fair amount of time.

This length of sitting will allow MLAs to work constructively on any issues that have arisen since the November 7th election. When the Legislative Assembly reconvenes on April 20th it will have been close to 170 days since the election.

“It’s time for us to get to work and with so many issues before us we believe Yukoners expect their politicians to sit down and put in the time required.” said Scott Kent, Official Opposition House Leader. 

Sitting for the legislated maximum number of days will allow members to address the backlog of work the government has left while taking their time to bring back the Legislative Assembly. It will also allow more questions for the Opposition, which is an opportunity for the government to be open and accountable to Yukoners.

“We have hundreds of questions prepared for the members opposite, and we look forward to the opportunity to hold them accountable for their decisions and proposed policies going forward.” added Kent. “We’re ready to get to work, and this is a chance for the government to show Yukoners that they are as well.”

This means the house would rise on June 29th allowing MLAs to spend the summer in their respective ridings.



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